When Wedding Planners Get Married… Again

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We had the amazing experience of spending our 10 year wedding anniversary with family and friends. To celebrate a decade together, we decided it would be a great time to renew our vows to one another. And let’s be honest, since the traditional gift idea for 10 years is tin or aluminum, this was a whole lot better!

We kept the guest list exclusive to friends and family who were at our wedding on July 8, 2006, and added three little beauties that have blessed our lives since that time. Our daughters were the perfect flower girls for this back yard celebration. Damon’s father, who was the officiant for our wedding day, was there again with just as many laugh lines as he had the first time. And although there wasn’t as much singing during this ceremony as there was at the first, the music of our lives played so loudly that it wasn’t needed.

It’s an amazing experience to be married to someone for 10 years. It’s even more amazing to still share the same love that you did on your wedding day. Our guests felt this just as much as we did, and we’re reminded every day that love that lasts isn’t based on emotion, it’s based on your choice. It takes two to make a relationship last this long. And we’ve had great examples to follow. From our parents to our siblings we’ve learned something from each of them that we apply to our daily lives.

We can never thank the amazing friends and vendors that so graciously blessed us on this occassion. Amber Smith from Smith Studios Photography captured even more than we could have asked for in the amazing pictures that she took. Chef Penelope and her crew always go above and beyond with their service and it was more incredible than ever on this night. Vicki and Lonnie from Signature Cakes by Vicki stopped by personally to drop off the cake and offer their congrats. And Jill from Southern Events provided all of the rentals. Thank you isn’t enough to express our gratitude for your kindness and friendship!

We hope you enjoy these photos from our 10 year vow renewal, and keep scrolling to see how vows look a bit different after 10 years than they generally do on the first pass.

Damon’s Vows to Me

10 years ago today I stood at an alter and as a very young man made a lot of promises. As I’ve read back over them in the last few weeks I have mixed emotions when I think about my attempts to keep those promises to you.

In many ways I’ve not come close to fulfilling my vows to the fullest. I am a selfish person. As humans we are all prone to give into our desires above the desires of others. Luckily for us my selfish desires generally pertain to sleep. But when I think of all of the opportunities I’ve had to serve you and I’ve chosen instead to do what is best for me, I know that I have failed, at least in part, to fulfill all of the promises that I have made.

The beauty of marriage though, is that we have the rest of our lives to fail each other, forgive each other, and start again in our daily attempt to love each other as Christ loves the church.

I have loved you. I love you more deeply that I have ever loved anyone in my life. I have loved you through sickness and health. We have experienced both richer and poorer. Our better has been better than most and our worse has been, thankfully, better than most as well.

Our girls wake up every morning in a home filled with the love that we have produced. One day they will realize what a difficult task it is to wake up every morning with someone who may have failed you the evening before, and still choose love.

Much more important than any words we spoke on the day we were married, or on this day, are the choices that we make each day to love again. After ten years of marriage we have fallen into our patterns. My desire for us as we enter into the next ten years is to challenge each other to enhance the patterns that have become habit. The passing kiss as we leave each other each morning. The quick hug when we meet again when we reunite after a day of work. The “sweet dreams” and a kiss before we go to sleep each night.

In the business of life let us not forget how valuable each of those things are. Each kiss, each “I love you” is an addition to the legacy that we will leave our children. Let us take a few moments when each of our patterns are repeated to enjoy the beauty of what has become our marriage. Let the kisses be sweeter and maybe a little longer. Let the hugs be more intense and let our bedtime ritual remind us that we have worked to create an environment where love has a chance to flourish.

To you, I reaffirm my promise to love you as Christ loves the church. In ten more years I will still have fallen well short of this goal, but my prayer is that I will be closer then, than I am today.

Thank you for loving me, it’s not an easy task as many here can attest. Thank you for being my friend when others would have resigned from that position years ago. Thank you for being up when I am down. Thank you for the family that you have helped me bring into this world. And thank you for the home that you have created with me where our girls are safe, loved and whole.

You are my precious gift from God, and I love you with a love that only Christ could place in my heart.

My Vows to Damon

Damon, 10 years ago, I pledged my loyalty to you as your wife, to live together in God’s ordinance, in holy matrimony. I promised to love you, comfort you, honor and keep you, in sickness and in health. I further promised that, forsaking all others, I would keep myself only to you, so long as we both shall live. During these 10 years, I have been faithful to that pledge.

I remember standing in front of you 10 years ago today as your bride. Today is just as exciting if not more. I remember getting in trouble during our vows because we couldn’t stop focusing on anything else but each other. I thought then I loved you but I know that was truly just the beginning. Our love and admiration for each other has only grown through the years.

You are my everything. You are my person. The one I want to always be around. I admire the man that you are and look to you for leadership over our home. Today I want to reaffirm my love and commitment to only you. I believe in you and I am committed to live this life with you for eternity.

Our prayer for each of our clients is that they will celebrate a lifetime of love with one another. We try our best to be an example for people to follow. Here’s to thousands of years of love for each of those we have the honor of serving on their wedding days!

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