Proposal Planning: A Nashville Scavenger Hunt

A couple of years ago when we decided we wanted to help couples with proposal planning, the type of fun that we had on this scavenger hunt around Nashville was exactly what we were hoping for!

A couple of months ago Ben got in touch to let us know he would be enjoying a long weekend in Nashville with his girlfriend. They live in Kansas City but have been to Nashville in the past and this is where Ben wanted to propose. They had a few favorite spots that kept coming up in conversation, so we planned an extravagant scavenger hunt around town to build up some anticipation before he popped the question.

Just in case you can’t read the text in the images, here are the clues that were given to Betsy at different points throughout the day. And a few of the videos that Sarah and Amber shot as they were going through and getting everything setup.




We’re not quite finished with our Nashville trip yet! After breakfast, get ready to meet me at one of our favorite Nashville locations! (Wear your nice dress!)

A driver will pick you and your mom up at 9:30. Head to the gorgeous hotel we walked around and marveled at together during our early Nashville days. Can’t wait to see you!

Love, Ben




Walking around the beautiful Opryland Hotel together in our early months is one of my fondest memories. Enjoy the beautiful scenery once more, then relax with a pedicure at the Relâche spa. Head to the waterfalls to the left and up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Feel free to ask hotel staff for directions if you can’t find it!

I’ll see you soon!

Love, Ben



I hope you enjoyed the spa treatment. Just something nice to start the day off on the right foot! I can’t wait to see what color you picked!

Head back down to the hotel entrance and meet the driver. Go to the lovely little “village” where our favorite Nashville breakfast spot is located. Find the nearby garden where we stopped to take photos one lovely May day. Remember the sculpture? The driver knows the way if you need help!

Love, Ben



One of the best days I ever had was the day we walked around enjoying all the cool places on the outskirts of campus, and we stopped here for a few photos that I still treasure. I hope today is turning out just as well so far! Take a few more photos here to remember the moment.

For lunch, head to Fido nearby, where we use to stop for coffee and recharge in the afternoon.

Love, Ben




I’m sure you could use a little something to eat! Please enjoy lunch and then meet the driver out front at 12:30.

Once you’re on your way, head to the beautiful old part of campus, where we once enjoyed a sweet and bubbly celebration after my graduation ceremony. Remember what we had that afternoon?

Not much longer until I see you!

Love, Ben




We had so much fun together when you came and stayed with me to celebrate my graduation. Strawberries and champagne were a great way to celebrate that occasion, and I think they are just as great for today! Take a few minutes to enjoy the scenic campus, then come find me to figure out what’s the cause for today’s celebration!

The driver will meet you at 12:45 to take you to your next destination.

Love, Ben



Will you marry me?


Pretty good right?!?

If you’re looking to propose in Nashville we would love to help! It’s so much fun being in on the secret and helping guys create the perfect day before the bride-to-be gets to plan hers. Thanks so much to Ben and Betsy for allowing us to serve them. And a special thanks to Ken Fitzpatrick with Uber Black, The great people at Fido in Hillsboro Village, and Amber Smith for her amazing photographs!

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