The Best Bouquets of 2015

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Last year we shared our favorite bouquets of 2014 and it was one of your favorites posts. So, we’re bringing it back and recapping some of our favorites from the 2015 season. We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients over the last 7 years. It’s amazing how each personality is so unique, and that shows the most in the dress and flower selections that they make.

You’ll see the difference in these images. Some are put together in perfect symmetry and some are whimsical and organic. Some have a single color pallet while others have color combinations you would never dream of putting together. We tell our clients all the time, this is your wedding… not ours. It can be whatever you want it to be. And while the bouquets don’t 100% represent the full scope of the wedding, it gives you unique insight into the tastes of each of these beautiful women.

We hope you enjoy these bouquets, and if you need help with planning, flowers and decor for your upcoming wedding we’d love to help. Just contact us to setup a free consultation and see how your personality can shine through in every detail of the most important day of your life!

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