5 Ways to Take the To Do out of “I do!”

Chances are you’ve already read 1000 articles giving you advice on how you should do certain things for your wedding. While we’ll give you five more thoughts here to ponder, the most important thing to note is that this is YOUR wedding day. It will be exactly what you make it. We tell every bride that after the flowers have all wilted, after the guests are back home and life is back to normal, the only memories that remain are…

  • Did they have a good time
  • Was the food great
  • How beautiful the bride was

All of the rest is fluff. At the end of the day, you’ll be married. Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy every moment on your journey to “I do.”

  1. The Planning

After years of running events the one thing that has never failed is this; If it’s on paper, it works. Now this doesn’t mean you can schedule your entire bridal party photo session 20 minutes before the wedding. There is common sense that has to be used. But if the schedule that you’ve put together works on paper, and you have someone there to manage that schedule, your day will run on time.

The more granular you get with the details, the better off you’ll be. On many of our day-of schedules we’ll add every detail we can think of. It’s not uncommon to see items such as “after photos the bridal party will walk back to the parlor prior to being announced into the reception.” Or, “father-of-the-bride walks grandmother to seat, then comes back to the bridal suite to get the bride.”

No detail is too small to be put on paper. If it isn’t scheduled, it won’t happen. There are so many moving pieces on the wedding day that no one can remember it all off hand. Write it down and follow it as closely as you can. Make sure each of your vendors has a copy of the schedule you’ve put together as well.

With our full-service planning package every detail is taken care of for you!

  1. The Flowers

Ah the flowers. How much should they be? What type should I select? Why are these pretty little things so dang expensive?

The first thing you have to determine is your color pallet. And for this, you need to be really specific. Do you want blush pink or dark pink? Do you want lavender or a purple that leans more toward burgundy? Some colors just don’t exist in the flower world. Others can be manufactured by letting the flowers stay in water that has dye added to it. Other times you may have to go with a floral paint.

Many times the centerpieces and bouquets that you see in Instagram and Pinterest have been made for a styled shoot. Your dream centerpiece could cost $250 to recreate… for one centerpiece.

There are flowers that can stretch your budget such as hydrangea, and flowers that can drain your budget like peony. Many times your local wholesale florist can give you ideas before you hire a florist. Or you may be able to find a class where you can learn how to do-it-yourself (we happen to have a few of those!). Just make sure that you know what you’re looking for, have a budget in mind, and stick as close to it as possible.

Our planning, floral, and décor package includes $1000 toward your flower cost!

  1. Décor

Sometimes it’s the little things that can nickel and dime you to death. Don’t forget about the votives and candles for the tables. Most of the beautiful pictures that you’ve seen have some type of uplighting or string lighting involved. The beautiful lighting pattern on the dance floor? That’s a gobo, and it’s around $150 for one of them.

The biggest thing here to is to check and see what the venue you’ve selected for your wedding and reception already provide. Don’t assume that they have the chiavari chairs that are in all of the images on their website. The bar that sits over in the corner may cost you $250 to keep there. They may have a fee associated with plugging in the lights that are already hung.

Ask questions before you sign a contract. Your budget will thank you for it later!

Our full-service package includes draping, uplights, string lights, candles, vases and more at no additional charge!

  1. Perspective

In January of 2016, winter storm Jonas made its way across the US. Nashville rarely sees snow accumulation. We’re in a little bowl in Tennessee that is more known for allergies than wintry precipitation. However, this particular weekend we were “blessed” with ten inches of snow in a 24 hour period. After a day of snow, a night of 15 degree temperatures, the roads were a solid sheet of ice. That day just happened to be the wedding day of one of our clients.

Her rehearsal dinner location shuttered the doors so they had family and friends over for pizza and sledding. 60 of their 180 guests were actually able to make it into town, so all of the money that was spent on their place settings and food was already spent.

This was the perfect opportunity for the bride to crumble and become overcome with anger and sadness over this freak storm that had ruined her day. But she didn’t. She set her mind early that she was going to enjoy it. She and her fiancé focused on the fact that they were getting married, and there was about to be a great party, and they enjoyed every single moment. And now she has spectacular photos to enjoy for the rest of her life. And she’s BEAMING in every one of them.

Only you have control over how you enjoy the day. It doesn’t get much worse than a third of your guests showing up. If she can be happy about that, you can set your mind to overcome any trouble the day may bring. Focus on the positives!

  1. Contact Us

Ok, shameless plug. But the bottom line is that we can help you with each and every one of these items on the list. The perspective is the hardest, but we’ve held the hand of many brides during trying wedding day experiences, and there’s very little we haven’t seen.

Our full service planning, floral design and décor package was created with you, the bride, in mind. You could spend $250 per centerpiece, or you can have up to $1000 included in your package for flowers. And since we’re a wholesale florist, you’re not charged per arrangement. We figure out what flowers you need for the day, and purchase in bulk. Additionally, all of the vases are included.

For décor, anything that we have in our inventory is yours to use for free. Draping, lighting, candles and more. All of those little things that can be a budget buster when you’re putting the final details together are included in the package.

On the planning front we have one mission. Give you the wedding that you’ve dreamed of and let it tell your story. We’ve already been married. We had the wedding of our dreams. We have no agenda when it comes to your except to make sure what you envision works, and is what you want it to be.

Your wedding day should be the most memorable day of your life. For the right reasons. Enjoy the process and keep your sights on the end goal… the person you’re about to spend the rest of your life with.

Happy planning, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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