Wedding Tips for Music and Photography

Follow these great tips from some of our favorite vendors!

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Choosing the right vendors can make or break your wedding day. We see it all the time. If you want the best experience possible you have to hire people who have experience and know how to get the job done. Over the last 7 years in the wedding business in Nashville, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the best of the best. So we’ve reached out to a few of our good friends and asked them, “What are some of the biggest mistakes you see brides make when it comes to their big day. We want to share a couple of those with you now.

First up is our good friend Brian Snyder. DJ extraordinaire and owner of Brian Snyder Entertainment, we’ve seen Brian and his team pack dance floors and keep the party going all night. In addition, each of the DJ’s that we work with from BSE nails the bridal party introductions, the cocktail music, ceremony music, announcements during the evening, and more. All of these items should be considered when hiring a DJ or a band. They should be able to take care of a each of these responsibilities flawlessly… and these guys have it down! Here are Brian’s thoughts on that question.

snyder-entertainment-nashville-dj-diariesOne of the most common mistakes we see is that a Bride & Groom really want to include all of their guests thoughts and ideas into their playlist. A very common scene on Pinterest is “I promise to get on the dance floor if ‘fill in the blank’ song is played.” Although I personally love this level of accommodation and the idea in general, it really can affect the overall feel of your evening. We all have “that guy” who is attending your wedding celebration and they use that fill in the blank as the chance to make the most insane request they can comprehend. Think Meat Loaf, I Would Do Anything or The Chicken Dance (Extended Version) as just a few of the examples we have seen. If you love Meat Loaf and The Chicken Dance, awesome….if not, it makes for a painful 10 minutes. Additionally you have an older generation normally attending your wedding and they typically like to hear Big Band era, some Motown era or possibly even Smooth Jazz. Again, great music, but how do you transition from Maroon 5 Sugar to Ella Fitzgerald? It really makes for a difficult evening of maintaining a forward momentum of energy for the celebration. Our recommendation is to work with your DJ/Band to create a playlist that flows from John Coltrane into The Temptations. From there we slide into Earth, Wind and Fire and all the way into K.C & The Sunshine Band. Before you know it, we have worked our way through classic genres, Mom and Dad’s favorites and into the heart of your current hits. Find the right time in the evening to play those genres. For example, cocktail hour is a great time to bring out The Crooner (Sinatra) and Dean Martin, maybe even Coltrane. As dinner is being served maybe some of your favorite songs from yesterday that bring back a ton of memories but may not light up the dance floor. Once the reception starts, people are ready to dance and by this time they should have heard most of the genres. Now it’s time to pack the dance floor with all of the top hits!

If you love Meat Loaf & The Chicken Dance, awesome. If not it makes for a painful 10 minutes. Click To Tweet

Another area where we see some of the biggest vendor mishaps is on the photographer side. A photographer can make or break your day. Particularly on the schedule side. Ask your photographer if they are comfortable herding cats, because that’s what they’re going to be doing all day. Make sure they can be assertive and get grandpa where he needs to be on time, as well as wrangle the grand kids into place.

One of our favorites is Lauren Athalia. Not only is her work brilliant, but she’s a master of keeping bridal parties and their families on time. Here’s what Lauren had to say about making good choices when it comes to your wedding photos.

lauren-athalia-photographyEveryone knows photos are one of the most important parts of the wedding. At the end of the day, all that’s left from a wedding are the rings, the vows, the memories AND the photos! Every bride deserves beautiful, timeless reminders of her day. It’s also the best way to share your wedding memories with others. So choose your photographer carefully. How? Often a referral from your wedding planner or a trusted friend who has worked with that photographer is a good place to start. Make sure the photographer you choose has a style you appreciate, years of experience and an excellent personality. A good photographer should be able to describe their services clearly and give you peace of mind. When you meet with your photographer have a list of questions ready but be open to their advise and suggestions. Your photographer’s priority should be to capture images that are a timeless symbol of your marriage and beautiful retelling of your wedding day.

Work with your planner and photographer to create a timeline so that you get the photos you want at the most optimal time of day. Together you can plan out which photos are most important to you and your photographer can advise on how to make them look best. Also, leave plenty of room for bride and groom photos. Thirty minutes to an hour is ideal. Personally, these are some of the most important photos of the day. The timeline will also be used to tell your family and wedding party when they should be ready for pictures. One late person can affect the time allotted for the rest of the photos. Lastly, be aware of sunset times. No one wants a dark ceremony or couple portraits after sunset!

A good photographer should be able to describe their services clearly & give you peace of mind. Click To Tweet

We hope these help you when making decisions on some of the most important vendors of the day. Stay tuned for more from these two, along with a host of others as we bring you more wedding planning tips!

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