Wedding Planning Tips: 8 Months Out

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You’re now 8 months away from your wedding day.  Hopefully at this point you’ve read our post about what you should have done during your first month of engagement. Then make sure to read about the 9 – 12 month to-do list. Next comes some of the fun stuff! Here are your wedding planning tips for 8 months out from your wedding.

Save the Dates and Invitations: If you already have your date selected now is the perfect time to go ahead and send out your Save-the-Date cards. This can be a simple postcard that you send to those you know you want to be there. Make sure when you send out your save-the-dates that you have your colors selected for your wedding day. The design that you use should be similar to that which you’ll use for your invitations as well. This is a good time to go ahead and pick out your invitation design and go ahead and purchase those items. These won’t be sent until a few months from now, but many times you can save on your order if you’ll bundle the two items together.

A note from us: Regalo Design designs, prints and mails invitations for our full-service clients. Because of the quantities that we send we can offer amazing discounts!

This means it’s time to start working on that guest list! This is an item that can cause a lot of stress. There are many factors that can contribute to your guest list. Budget, family matters, your desire for a small wedding vs. your family’s desire to invite everyone they’ve ever met. No matter what your situation is, this is an area where communication is key. If you want to include or exclude certain people from the guest list it is important to let your family members know why. Many times arguments occur over the guest list as a result of no communication. At the end of the day this wedding is about you and your fiance. Not about the guests. If your budget is dictating those who can or can’t be invited, let them know. People are much more understanding than you think. But a list must be done and agreed upon. Get started on this early so it doesn’t catch you by surprise in the coming months (you have plenty more to think about!)

Many wedding arguments occur over the guest list as a result of no communication. Click To Tweet

Start planning a honeymoon! This should be one of the best parts of the planning process. Dream away and start researching. Find the best deals that you can find online to your destination of choice. Once you think you’ve got it, reach out to a travel agent and check their rates as well. Many times an agent will have access to rates that you can’t find online. If they find you a better deal, great! If they can’t… perhaps you should consider becoming one if you’ve found a better deal than they can offer.

Moore-BrideandBridesmaids-035Shop for bridesmaids dresses. Chances are you’ve worn a few of these yourself in years past. Try to remember all of the things you loved and hated about them. At the end of the day, however, it’s your wedding. Make sure that you select a dress that you love. You’re the one who will be looking at the pictures for years to come! Make sure that the dresses that you select have the option of alterations, and are easy for the bridesmaids to access a few weeks prior to the wedding. One of the most recent trends is to allow bridesmaids to choose their own dresses in the color scheme of your wedding day. This ensures that they are comfortable, and it also makes for beautiful diversity (as long as everyone has a good fashion sense!)

Meet with the officiant. You will be surprised to find out how many different ceremonies there are out there. You can be traditional or modern. You can include and exclude pieces that you’ve seen in the past. It’s important that your officiant know exactly what you’re looking for. In some instances the church in which you hold the ceremony will dictate the vows, unity candle, etc. But there is always a way to make sure the ceremony is a reflection of you. Outline your wishes early so there are no surprises closer to the wedding.

Reserve your structural and electrical necessities. This is incredibly important if you’re holding your wedding in a place that is non-traditional. You’d be surprised how much power a wedding reception needs. You have to think about the DJ, the caterer, the band, the lights… Make sure that you’ve thought about every item that you’ll need and that you’ve discussed each vendors requirements. You don’t want to have to decide between music and warm food on the day of!

Book your florist. For our clients this is a no-brainer. We provide floral design included in our packages. But, for those of you that are using someone else, make sure you go ahead and start getting quotes and booking at this time.

Arrange transportation. There are so many options these days for transportation. You can reserve a sedan to take you and your groom to your hotel after the reception. You can book party trolleys to take your guests from point A to point B. Want a horse drawn carriage to carry you from ceremony to reception? Now’s the time to start booking those needs.

Start composing a day-of timeline. If you’ve read any of our recent wedding tip posts, you’ll know that this is the Wedding Planner’s Secret! Make sure to read that blog and you’ll see the importance of putting everything on paper for your wedding day. Put a detailed timeline in place for every single item that needs to happen. This needs to be in the hands of your bridal part and each of your vendors. Everyone needs to know where to be, when to be there, and what to do when they get there.

In the next post we’ll cover the next set of “to-dos” before you say, “I do!” Happy planning and as always, let us know if we can help you in any way!

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