Marriage Proposal Planners in Nashville: Tips for the perfect marriage proposal!

Dana and Andrew's Proposal

Did you know that Regalo Design, a Nashville wedding planner, is also a proposal planner? If you are looking for some advice and ideas on popping the question in style, we would love to help! Since Regalo Design is a husband and wife team, you can be confident that you will be working with a person who has been in your shoes.

Although located in Nashville, Tennessee, Regalo Design can help you design the perfect marriage proposal wherever you decide to ask her those four simple words…”Will You Marry Me?” Those words will change your life forever and we would be happy to spend time brainstorming ideas or take care of every detail with full service proposal planning where we first learn about your relationship and book all of your vendors.

Here are four tips before you pop the question:

There’s Only One:

First and foremost, make sure that the person who you are going to propose to is the one. Sure, it is fun to plan a proposal and then a wedding. Everyone is so happy for you. They buy you presents, you are on cloud 9 and life couldn’t get better. However, make sure this is the person you want to spend forever with. Is this the person you want to wake up next to everyday? The person who will raise your children. The person who at the end of a long day of work or raising the kids is tired and wants to go to bed. Is this the one you want to fight through the hard times with, take care of when they are sick and encourage in the hard times? If you answered yes, then lets get planning!

Don’t Forget the Ring:

Oh the ring. A piece of metal with a beautiful diamond that everyone will want to swoon over. Regardless of size, cut and color, spend time thinking about what she wants. Has she talked about what she wants? If not, ask her girlfriends. She has absolutely told them! Personal touches such as a family diamond or a personal inscription inside the band is always appreciated in choosing a ring. Don’t be afraid to also think about the wedding band when picking out the engagement ring. Make sure you will be able to pair the two if you are wanting a wedding band. Most importantly, don’t forget the ring. Every girl wants to be able to show off the ring after the engagement. It’s tradition…and a good one!

The Family Matters:

There are so many who choose to forgo asking for the parents blessing. If the parents are involved and your soon to be fiance is close to them, ask the parents for her hand in marriage. Celebrate the tradition and spend time thinking about what you want to say to her mom, dad or parental guardian. They have taken care of her when she got a scraped knee, they celebrated her life’s biggest moments, they hid presents under her pillow when she lost her first tooth and they saw her get her heart broken when the boy in Jr. High stated spending time with someone else. They were there and it is only polite to ask if you can now be there for her in all of the moments to come.

Planning Is A Good Thing:

This is where Regalo Design can help. This is a moment in your life that should be planned. Being spontaneous is awesome and one day you may be sitting on the couch and just decide it is time. If that is the case, that is awesome. However, it is so much fun to think of ways to ask her to marry you. Here is how we can help.

  • An initial brainstorming session to learn about your relationship and develop ideas.
  • A selection session where we present you with a customized plan for your proposal and amend the plan until it is exactly what you want.
  • Arrangements with all vendors needed to make your proposal the perfect success.
  • Day-of coordination of your proposal.
  • A detailed timeline of events
  • An incredibly happy bride-to-be.
  • All of our decor items at no additional cost
  • Access to our online planning app
  • Vendor referrals and contract negotiations


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