Eco-Chic Wedding by Using Paper as Decor!

It all begins with paper. A simple elegant invitation is mailed to either inform your guests to save the date or invite them to one of the most special moments in your life. An invitation…a simple piece of paper that provides your guests with the details of your big day. Paper can be used in all aspects of a wedding from the invitation, to the arch where you say your vows. While researching some wedding paper décor ideas for a client of Regalo Design, I found some great inspiration! I thought I would share with you some of them to inspire your creativity with paper for your next event.

When your guests arrive, they are typically given a program in the form of…that’s right…paper! If you are looking to save some money, try incorporating paper into your décor, flowers, escort cards and so much more. If you want some great ideas with escort or place cards check out our blog entry called “Creative Place or Escort Card Ideas”. There are several websites online that can teach you step by step on how to make these beautiful tissue paper pom-poms. (I included step by step instruction on how to make paper pom poms below)  I really look forward to making them myself!

Step by Step Instructions on how to make Paper Pom Poms


Floral wire, T
issue paper

1. Stack together eight sheets of tissue.

2. Make 1 inch-wide accordion folds, creasing well with each fold.  Repeat with the remaining eight sheets of tissue.

3. Fold a 12-inch piece of floral wire over the center of the folded tissue and twist.  Repeat with other folded tissue.

4. Trim ends of tissue into rounded or pointy shapes.  I cut rounded edges but the pointy ones remind me of dahlias and are very pretty too.

5. You should now have two tissue paper bow ties.

6. Carefully separate the layers of tissue paper, pulling away each sheet from the center one at a time.  This can be tricky and the tissue might tear but don’t be discouraged.  The final result is so fluffy and spherical that no one will notice a few tears.

7. Repeat this with your other tissue paper bow tie.

8. Now you should have two paper flowers.  Tie them together in the middle and now you’ll have a big, round paper pom pom to hang.


Have you ever thought of using paper instead of flowers for your bouquet? I know….we are a full service florist….why would I suggest this? The reality is, everyone is looking to save money these days and incorporating paper into your wedding is the perfect way to that. Here are some great photos of wedding bouquet paper flowers that I found.


Want to get married under paper? This isn’t typically the first request I receive but it can be done tastefully and beautifully! I found these great picture for inspiration. This is perfect for an outdoor wedding that wants a little flair at their wedding.


I also love the idea of making origami paper birds and hanging them in the trees of an outdoor wedding. These birds wont make a peep and they also won’t…well…lets just say, they are the perfect guest at your wedding!


Another great way to incorporate paper into your wedding is to distribute paper sacks filled with either shredded paper confetti or rose petals for your guest to throw during your grand exit. Another idea would be to fill them with candy, gum or chocolate and give them as a wedding favor for your guests. Either way, it will be unexpected and remembered!


And lastly, don’t forget your get away car. This is the last moment you share with your guests. Have fun decorating your car with paper. Here are some great ideas to provide inspiration!

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